Four years that will prepare students for the world

Educating the mind and heart is an act of exploration, and the Upper School builds a never-ending desire to learn. At Nightingale, girls plumb the depths of their abilities to develop the best versions of themselves. Their final years in the Schoolhouse allow them to exhibit and solidify their passions and purposes, and to do so with intellectual integrity and empathy.

Though each student’s path is unique, Upper School students are marked by their compassion, independence, and curiosity. They relish their roles as open-minded participants of their classes, communities, and the world.

By the end of their journey at Nightingale, these young women have deepened their friendships, strengthened their voices, and stretched their limits. As true explorers of the academic and the creative, our graduates are poised to become great stewards of their futures.

Upper School Highlights

Worlds to Explore

A trip to London for the entire Class IX is the capstone of months of study linking literature, history, science, and art. This trip is the first of many study abroad options offered throughout Upper School. Each student who studies a modern language has the opportunity to travel to a country where the language is spoken and experience the culture first-hand. With this focus on global education, students leave Nightingale as citizens of the world.

Students travel to countries where the language they study is spoken and experience the culture first-hand.

No Limits

Nightingale’s Independent Study Program empowers girls to pursue their unique passions without limits. Under the close guidance of a faculty mentor, seniors research and report during the spring semester on a topic of their choosing. Past projects include The Future of Urban Agriculture and Feminism in the Persian Gulf. The program is a college-level experience that brings seniors with an immense sense of personal achievement.

Nightingale’s Independent Study Program empowers the pursuit of passions without limits.

Making Positive Change

Going Beyond Barriers takes Nightingale’s mission into practice. Over four years, students reflect on social issues, their roles in the community, and how they can make positive changes. They identify leadership behaviors and hone communication skills through public speaking. The sequence culminates by pondering life’s essential questions through a multitude of lenses and educating minds and hearts in a way only Nightingale can do.

Going Beyond Barriers puts Nightingale’s mission into practice.

Years at a Glance

Programs & Curriculum

A class for every passion

The Upper School curriculum reflects our belief that a liberal arts education adapted to the modern world is the best preparation for college and a lifetime of learning.